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1.安装并配置好Java SDK

2.安装配置Android Studio(请安装3.5版本,最近Android Studio更新了3.6版本,国内镜像网站可能没有及时更新,所以可能会导致下载SDK失败,解决方法就是安装3.5版本或者等国内镜像网站更新后再装3.6版本)


3.下载完成后(如果下载时卡住,可以暂停一下然后再下载)打开安装包,安装Android Studio

请根据软件指示,选择安装路径,直接安装,选择install,如果勾选Do not create shortcuts,则不会创建桌面快捷方式。


4.配置Android Studio

- 打开软件,可能会弹出消息显示有关Data Sharing的内容,大意就是谷歌会收集你使用此工具的信息,并把这些信息发送给Google以便于更好的优化软件,选择Send usage statistics to Google即可。

- 之后会弹出窗口,显示:Unable to access Android SDK add-on list。这表明我们没有安装SDK,选择Step Proxy

- 选择Manual -> HTTP,并且在Host Name输入一个开源镜像网站),Port Number选择80,输入完成后单击OK

- 弹出Welcome窗口,单击Next

- Installation Type选择Standard,然后单击Next

- 在Select UI Theme选择你喜欢的主题颜色,然后单击Next

- 在Verify Setting中单击Finish 结束


5.如果出现"SDK Tool Directory is missing" 则表示SDK下载失败,需要安装SDK


1) 在主页面右下角,点击Configure -> Setting

2) 重新配置Http Proxy,并输入电子科技大学的镜像网站 端口:80

Setting>Appearance & Behavior >System Settings >Http Proxy,选择Auto-detect proxy settings,并且填写URL为 :80,点击Clear Passwords,最后点击OK保存设置

3) 再次重新从Setting进入Android SDK,出现了可以安装的SDK,此时我们需要设置一下SDK的安装路径,单击Edit设置

4) 设置好路径后单击Next完成,需要注意的是,路径中不能含有空格,不然可能会出现错误

5) 点击Next,安装完成后单击Finish结束安装(安装过程可能有点长,请耐心等待)



6.设置SDK安装路径时如果出现"Target folder is neither empty nor does it point to an existing SDK installtion" 


1) 重新打开Android Studio,提示“Unable to access Android SDK add-on list“,选择Cancel

2) 选择安装路径(不能含有空格),可以将之前下载到Android SDK中的文件删除,选择Android SDK作为安装路径,单击Next

3) 单击Finish,开始安装,完成后点击Finish结束



English Version:


1. Install and configure the Java SDK

2. Install and configure Android Studio (Please install version 3.5. Android Studio has updated version 3.6 but the mirror website may not be updated in time, so the SDK download may fail. The solution is to install version 3.5 or wait for the mirror website to update.)

3. After the download is complete (if you get stuck while downloading, please pause and try to download again), open the installation package and install Android Studio

Please follow the software instructions, select the installation path, select install, if you check 'Do not create shortcuts', desktop shortcuts will not be created.


4. Configure Android Studio

- Open the software, a message may pop up to show the content about Data Sharing, it means that Google will collect information about your use of this tool, and send this information to Google to optimize the software, select 'Send usage statistics to Google'.

- A window will pop up after that, showing: Unable to access the Android SDK add-on list. This shows that we did not install the SDK, choose Step Proxy

- Select Manual-> HTTP, and enter (an open-source mirror website) in Host Name, select 80 for Port Number, and click OK

- The Welcome window will pop up, click Next

- Select Standard for Installation Type and click Next

- Select the theme colour you like in Select UI Theme and click Next

- Click Finish in the Verify Setting


5. If "SDK Tool Directory is missing" appears, it means that the SDK download has failed and you need to install the SDK


1) In the lower right corner of the main page, click Configure-> Setting

2) Reconfigure Http Proxy, and enter the mirror website hosted by the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China: Port: 80

Setting> Appearance & Behavior> System Settings> Http Proxy, select Auto-detect proxy settings, and fill in the URL as, click Clear Passwords, and finally click OK to save the settings

3) Enter Android SDK again from Setting, the SDK that can be installed appears, at this time we need to set the installation path of SDK, click Edit to set

4) After setting the path, click Next to finish. It should be noted that the path cannot contain spaces, otherwise, errors may occur

5) Click Next, after the installation is complete, click Finish to complete the installation (the installation process may be a bit long, please be patient)




6. If "Target folder is neither empty nor does it point to an existing SDK installation" appears when setting the SDK installation path


1) Reopen Android Studio, pops up "Unable to access Android SDK add-on list", select Cancel

2) Select the installation path (please don't contain spaces), select the Android SDK as the installation path, click Next

3) Click Finish to start the installation, and click Finish when finished


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Installing android studio in the same for all. You just have to download an android studio then download its SDK file and then connect that SDK to your android studio. Sometimes connecting SDK with the framework got complex. To provide ease reliable assignment writing has prepared a video tutorial. 

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Hi @aidanconnolly953,


Yes, you are right.


We got some feedback from our members in China and they could not access the Android Studio page or connect to the SDK file. So we provide a mirror website hosted by a Chinese University where they could download the SDK.


Thank you for spotting this.


Best Regards,


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