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Brief Guide to Avoid Most Common Writing Mistakes in 2021


English writing is a staggering task for some students. In primary and secondary classes students are made to learn sentence making and they are made to practice various forms of sentences. As time passes, various forms of content writing written by ‘buy dissertation’ services diminish their ability to maintain scholarly balance in their sentences. One of such mistakes often students make are the run-on sentences.


The run-on sentence develops when a student is not ready to connect two free clauses with appropriate conjunction. Sometimes a run-on sentence develops when the punctuation marks are not used correctly. In English writing, a run-on sentence breaks the flow in both reading and writing.


In academic writing, the run-on sentences are strictly prohibited as they seriously sway the possibility of English writing. You can discover some examples of run-on sentences here under that will help you understand the common mistakes students make in their writing.


The most common mistake in college essay that results in the run-on sentence is the presence of autonomous clauses. Right when in any event two free clauses exist in a paragraph and conjunction is not there to oblige them, a run-on error occurs. Like


I love the downpour. I need to spend time out when it's descending.


You can discover two complete sentences here.


Sentence 1: I love downpour.


Sentence 2: I need to spend time out while pouring.


For writing a correct sentence we need to join two sentences by using any conjunction or by using a semicolon. So, a correct sentence can be


I love downpour; I need to spend time out when it's pouring.


To avoid such errors in sentences, students often perform research on the web. Remember, you can't get the required abstract material or wonderful content just by asking someone to do my essay, rather you need to have an unmistakable understanding of some common mistakes. Another example of a run-on sentence can be


A run-on error may also happen when the autonomous clauses are joined by using a comma splice. The comma splice is where a writer uses a comma to join two autonomous clauses. Like


Students completing ‘write my essay for me’ tasks can leave the library after 10, however before that, they will submit the requisite scholarly material with the librarian.


Presently again there are two extraordinary and free clauses


Sentence 1: Students can leave the library after 10


Sentence 2: But going before that they will submit the requisite scholarly material with the librarian.


In this case, conjunction however is there, and therefore, no comma is required to join these autonomous clauses. The correct sentence, in this case, will simply be


Students can leave the library after 10 yet before that, they will submit the requisite scholarly material with the librarian.


The essay writing service need to survey that your essay writing service can also make such mistakes and therefore, you need to revise the content as soon as you get it from the service supplier. The run-on sentence mistake in a paragraph ruins the efforts of writers and readily or hesitantly they result in a substantial loss of grades of the student.


So, the best strategy to avoid run-on sentences can be by giving an exhaustive read to your report. This is the best way you can avoid mistakes like run-on sentences. For the readers, the run-on sentences create inconvenience in reading and understanding the content. So, therefore, you need to focus on each sentence when writing the content.


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