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20+ Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas


There are many types of essays and being a student you must have knowledge about each type. A persuasive essay is one of the essay types that a student gets to write very frequently at different academic levels. This essay allows the students to write my essay and learn how to use the power of words to convince the readers.  Despite being an important essay type, many students fail to do this assignment on their own. The common reason for students to be unable to do this is because they are always in short of time. They have several other assignments as well that they need to get done. 



Such a situation leads them to ask a professional writer to “write essay for me”. Talking about a persuasive essay, you must know that by writing this essay, a student is able to enhance many skills like writing, interpreting, and on top of all, the skill of convincing through words. 


It is important for a student to choose a good topic for a persuasive essay assignment. You may search online, or read different articles and books to find the best topic for your essay.  In this article, we have also summed up some very good persuasive essay topics for you. Select a good topic yourself or ask an expert essay writer to “write my essay for me” and get a topic selected as well. 


  • Should all national museums and monuments be free for all the citizens?
  • Should art and music therapy be covered by health insurance?
  • Why should the public and private schools need art and music classes.
  • People who use offensive language should be removed from educational institutes. 
  • The wage of people working in paper writing service
  • A tipping system should be encouraged in every restaurant. 
  • Major reasons to buy products that are manufactured in the home country.
  • Why you should buy goods and produce from local producers and small sellers.
  • How outsourcing from foreign countries damages the economy of a country.
  • Should there be a law under which every student should wear school uniforms?
  • Why students who are involved in bullying activities be expelled from schools.
  • Why cell phones should not be allowed on school and college grounds.
  • Community service programs should be made compulsory for all the students before they graduate. 
  • Why the arts and music programs are just as important for students as math and science.
  • Reasons why cannabis should be made a legal drug. 
  • Should the President of the United States be allowed to serve more than two terms?
  • How can the justice system be improved.
  • Should convicted drug users be sent to a recovery program instead of prison?
  • How going to the gym alone will not help combat obesity.
  • Should female minors be allowed to get birth control without guardian supervision? 
  • Should stem cell research be practiced more to help cure deadly diseases?
  • Should the US have a remote health care system as well?
  • Reasons why we should not promote organ donation. 
  • Should professional athletes give their blood samples for routine drug tests?
  • How technology has helped in bringing people close to each other. 
  • Why do parents allow their children to use smart gadgets at a young age? 
  • How do video games help children in learning different creative skills? 


For more topic ideas you can seek help from a professional essay writer. Such services have expert and qualified writers who will write you a good essay and also ensure you the best grade.


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