Fun with Beagle Exploring the GPU

Fun with Beagle – Exploring the GPU

Version 1.0: 21st January 2020 

The BeagleBoneBlack ™ has been a popular development platform for Students, Hobbyists, and Developers for many years. It has sold millions of units.

As its popularity grew, it became a favourite Linux Single Board Computer for industrial developers.

The TI (Texas Instruments) ”Sitara™ system-on-chip at the heart of Beagle contains an Imagination SGX530 GPU. Until now, this has been just a block on the system diagram and was a “black box” to most Beagle users. 

In recognition of Beagle’s popularity, we are lifting the lid on its GPU…

There’s now a complete course on the basics of graphics, which can run on multiple platforms including the Beagle Bone Black

  • [Introduction to Mobile Graphics, 2020 Edition] illustrates how graphics are created and manipulated and then animated across the screen in the most power-efficient way
  • And now we are releasing an Open CL driver which runs on the SGX530 allowing parallel compute activities to be run on the GPU.
  • The package includes the Open CL driver along with a detailed and practical explanation about getting it running and how it can be used. 
  • The example demonstrated is Audio Sample Rate Conversion, running on the GPU – a first for the Beagle Board!

The materials were written by Dr. Iain Hunter, who was at TI when the Sitara SoCs first appeared. Since then he has become a leading independent developer on this platform
In a very practical way, he takes you through this interesting and quite complex part of the Beagle Bone Black system and enables you to implement Open CL on the GPU and run an application.