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Academic Component Reference Guide To RISC-V

We have been teaming up with distributor Digi-Key and we have produced a simple guide to RISC-V.

RISC‐V is a relatively new computer technology that is being actively promoted as a competitor to ARM.

This guide has been written as a brief introduction for Digi‐Key customers and students who would like to gain knowledge of RISC‐V software and hardware.

This document assumes the reader has little or no prior knowledge of RISC‐V, which was exactly the position the author was in at the start of the project. It is targeted at university students who may be studying computer architecture and also electronics/computer engineers wishing to expand on their knowledge, either in the classroom or at home. Some basic knowledge of Linux is required.

Authors: Richard Sikora
Topics: Computer Architecture, RVfpga
Technologies: RISC-V
Languages:  Chinese, English
Available From:  English Version,  Simplified Chinese,  Traditional Chinese