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Thoroughly updated, this fourth edition focuses on modern techniques used to generate synthetic three-dimensional images in a fraction of a second. With the advent of programmable shaders, a wide variety of new algorithms have arisen and evolved over the past few years. This edition discusses current, practical rendering methods used in games and other applications. It also presents a solid theoretical framework and relevant mathematics for the field of interactive computer graphics, all in an approachable style. New to this edition: new chapter on VR and AR as well as expanded coverage of Visual Appearance, Advanced Shading, Global Illumination, and Curves and Curved Surfaces.


Key Features


  • Covers topics from essential mathematical foundations to advanced techniques used by today’s cutting edge games
  • Case studies are grounded in specific real-time rendering technologies
  • Revised and revamped for its updated fourth edition, which focuses on modern techniques and used to generate three-dimensional images in a fraction of time old processes took
  • Covers practical rendering for games to math and details for better interactive applications.



Authors: Eric Haines, Naty Hoffman, Tomas Akenine-Möller
Topics: Computer Architecture, Graphics, PowerVR
Technologies: DirectX, OpenGL
Languages:  English
Available From:  Amazon