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Introduction To Mobile Graphics

2015 Edition

This unique course covers mobile graphics technologies and their architectures, the PowerVR framework for mobile graphics development, mobile graphics SDKs, texturing, transformations and example shader code including lighting models.

Included are lecture slides with integrated presenter notes, practical exercises including model solutions, and example exam questions and answers.

This course has been developed so that little to no previous knowledge of graphics is required. However, to gain the maximum use of this course, it is advised that the students have some previous graphics experience.

图形技术通常作为游戏开发或者计算机科学专业的一部分,不过它通常基于游戏机或者个人电脑设备。 自从越来越多的消费者通过他们的移动设备上的游戏和用户接口(UIs)与绘图技术进行交互,这门技术渐渐地从日常生活中分离了出来。作为开发者来说,他们必须理解由移动设备特定限制引入的节能渲染技术。这门课主要介绍的是手机设备上实时渲染,它是为那些先前对 3D 绘图编程有一点甚至没有经验的学生而设立的。