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NC-SDK-AC: Neural Compute SDK_Academic Edition

Version 1.0

NC-SDK software links the Edge-AI world with implementations on Imagination’s PowerVR GPU and NNA (Neural Network Accelerator).

Version 1.0 enables AI algorithms written in TensorFlow Lite to be mapped and optimised on to an OpenCL-enabled (“Rogue Class”/sixth generation & later) PowerVR GPU.

This first version is to support the development of Edge-AI Teaching materials which use the i300 “Pumpkin” board from SEEED Studio.

It can also be run on an Acer Chromebook, and in the future, it will be tested with the UniSoc ROC1 board.

This first release is for circulation only to the Teaching Material developers until it is proven and debugged, and ready for general release.

Version 1.0 Updated on 5th June 2020