Understanding Computer Architecture

RVfpga: Understanding Computer Architecture

RISC-V FPGA (RVfpga) is a teaching package that provides a set of instructions, tools, and labs that show how to:

  • Target a commercial RISC-V system-on-chip (SoC) to an FPGA
  • Program the RISC-V SoC
  • Add more functionality to the RISC-V SoC


The RVfpga Package provides:

  • a comprehensive, freely distributed, complete RISC-V course
  • a hands-on and easily accessible way to learn about RISC-V processors and the RISC-V ecosystem
  • a RISC-V system targeted to low-cost FPGAs, which are readily available at many universities and companies.

After completing the RVfpga Course, users will walk away with a working RISC-V processor, SoC, and ecosystem that they understand and know how to use and modify.



RISC-V FPGA(RVfpga)是一个教学包,它提供了一套指令、工具和实验室,说明如何。

  • 将商用RISC-V系统级芯片(SoC)瞄准FPGA。
  • 对RISC-V SoC进行编程
  • 为RISC-V SoC增加更多功能。

RVfpga 教学材料包可以提供给您:

  •  一个全面的、免费发布的、完整的RISC-V课程
  • 基于实践操作,深入了解 RISC-V 处理器和 RISC-V 生态系统的
  • 一个针对低成本 FPGA 的 RISC-V 系统,这些 FPGA 在许多大学和公司都可以轻易获得
在完成 RVfpga 课程后,您将获得一个完美运行的 RISC-V 工业级处理器,了解 SoC 和生态系统,了解并知晓如何使用和修改它。

Watch our introduction video to find out more about the course.