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RVfpga: Understanding Computer Architecture


 Video of introduction to RVfpga – the first complete RISC-V computer Architecture course. More detail about

  • Course curriculum
  • Platform and real-world core
  • Getting Start Guide
  • Textbook and tests
  • Future plan on RVfpga project


<Introduction to Mobile Graphics> Online Workshop

 List of videos from our Introduction to Mobile Graphics online workshop hosted by Darren from University of Hull. Including graphics theory and hands-on about how to render demos using PoverVR SDK.

Click the button to watch video tutorials and try our excellent workshop package!

Fun with Beagle - Exploring the GPU

The BeagleBoneBlack ™ has been a popular development platform for Students, Hobbyists, and Developers for many years. It has sold millions of units. As its popularity grew, it became a favourite Linux Single Board Computer for industrial developers.

Following Dr. Iain’s guide, you could look deep into BeagleBone’s system and run Open CL on its GPU.

Introduction to Imagination University programme (IUP)

Empower Your Teaching

We have 25 years’ experience helping teachers around the world. We can empower you to use our technology in your teaching labs and student projects!