(Extended Edition)

Release Date: February 2023

Originally restricted to customers only, we are now able to release this extended version for academic non-commercial use, using a new click-through User Licence.

The first-generation Teaching Materials – Edge AI: Principles & Practices v1.0 – were not developed with this version of the tools, as you will see from some of the screen shots and other differences.

We strongly recommend using NC-SDK-AC v0.2.2 for the smoothest start-up. However, once familiar with the Academic edition, advanced users may find this extended package useful. We are releasing it to enable exploration of our latest tools.

Future developments of our Teaching Materials will use this extended package of tools.

This software enables AI algorithms written in the following frameworks to be mapped and optimised on to an OpenCL-enabled (“Rogue Class”/sixth generation & later) PowerVR GPU or NNA (Neural Network Accelerator):

  • Tensorflow
  • Tensorflow Lite
  • Caffe
  • PyTorch
  • ONNX
  • Darknet