Our focus is on providing the four vital elements that you need to teach a course:

  1. A suitable hardware platform, at a reasonable price
  2. The software development tools free-of-charge
  3. Effective technical support
  4. Excellent teaching materials which serve genuine teaching needs (not marketing materials!)

All of the teaching materials can be accessed here. Please download our Brochure for further information.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming our world. Rather than create complex AI algorithms and interfaces from scratch, this course provides the learner with an overview of the ten most popular AI algorithms and their implementation.

The course is under development; please join our community  to be the first to know when it is released.

RVfpga: Understanding Computer Architecture

The RVfpga course provides the foundation knowledge and hands-on experience that the next generation of Programmers and Engineers need to harness the potential of RISC-V.

It consists of 20 Labs with detailed instructions, examples, short questions and practical exercises with solutions, giving you the teachers flexibility to choose between a practical and an exam-based structure for the course at your faculty.

The course is under development; please join our community  or attend our webinar (see buttons below) to be the first to know what is inside.

Introduction to Mobile Graphics

This unique course covers mobile graphics technologies and their architectures, the PowerVR framework for mobile graphics development, mobile graphics SDKs, texturing, transformations and example shader code including lighting models.

The Introduction to Mobile Graphics 2020 Edition teaching materials will appear in multiple languanges.


Software Development Tools & Integrated Development Environments

The development tool chains for PowerVR is available to academia at no-charge, Neural Compute SDK is for beta tester only:

Hardware & Books

Popular choices of hardware powered by PowerVR and our Neural Network Accelerator.

We have compiled a summary of the most widely-used textbooks around our teaching materials and technologies based on our academic community feedback.


The Imagination University Programme (“IUP”) Forum is for discussions about teaching and projects:

  • curriculum topics
  • student projects
  • teaching materials and support


Get advice from the forum monitored by IUP staffs.

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