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Introduction to Mobile Graphics

The basics of Graphics from a mobile perspective. Topics include Architecture, PowerVR framework, Vulkan and example shader. Platform choices include Simulator, Acer Chromebook, and BeagleBone Black ™
从移动设备的角度来看图形的基础知识。 主题包括架构、PowerVR 框架、Vulkan 和示例着色器。 平台选择包括 Simulator、Acer Chromebook 和 BeagleBone Black™

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Fun with Beagle

Run some graphics exercises on the BeagleBone Black™ GPU and create a sample rate translator using an early OpenCL implementation.
《趣味 Beagle——探索 GPU》 在 BeagleBone Black™ GPU 上运行一些图形练习,并使用早期的 OpenCL 实现创建采样率转换器。

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RVfpga: Understanding Computer Architecture & RVFpga: Introduction to SoC Design

Two semesters of learning material for under-grads on Computer Architecture, using the RISC-V ISA in a soft-core on an FPGA. A total of 20 lectures & labs! Plus a further semester for post-grads creating an SoC design then running an RTOS and TensorFlow
两个学期针对本科生的计算机体系结构学习材料,在 FPGA 的软核中使用 RISC-V ISA。 总共20讲和配套实验!再加上一个为研究生准备的SoC 设计以及运行 RTOS 和 TensorFlow 的学期.

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Guide to RISC-V

Guide to RISC-V by Digi-Key & Imagination. Why all the fuss? What’s different? Look at Microprocessor, Microcontroller (MCU) and Soft-Core implementations.
由Digi-Key & Imagination 提供的 RISC-V 指南。 为什么要大惊小怪? 有什么不同? 查看微处理器、微控制器 (MCU) 和软核实现。

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EdgeAI: Principles & Practices

A ”begin here” course. The definition of “AI” and the differences at the Edge. Configuring a platform, then theory and hands-on exploration of the most popular algorithms, such as image classification and NLP.
入门级课程:讲解“AI”的定义和边缘的差异;通过配置平台,理论和实践探索最流行的算法,例如图像分类和 NLP.

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Useful Tools

These are the Software Tools to use with the Teaching Materials “EdgeAI: Principles & Practices”. It’s the same as the one under British flag within the AI section.

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NC-SDK-AC v0.2.2 fulfils all requirements for the “EdgeAI” teaching materials: Request now

Advanced users may find the NC-SDK v2.10 EXTENDED Edition (in development) useful: Request now

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Firmware update for Pumpkin Board/下载南瓜板的固件更新

The development tool chain for PowerVR is available instantly, with no requirement for request or password. PowerVR的开发工具链即时可用,无需请求和密码

PowerVR SDK Download area/下载区快捷方式