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Unable to install NC-SDK due to pip error


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I'm trying to install the NC-SDK package on my host Linux machine (Ubuntu 20.04) without Caffe support, but I have been reaching an error mid-way through the installation. The error occurs in the pip stage, where it is building wheel for numpy. I've attached a full log of the commands I ran along with the messages outputted to the terminal.

The prerequisites have been installed (except Caffe) using the Getting Started Guide provided in the pumpkin software package.

I'm happy to provide more information if it is needed.

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We have seen this issue as well. The problem is that the latest ubuntu 20.04 release has broken something. I have contacted the development team for a proper fix.

In the meantime it may be possible to use an older Ubuntu 20.04 image from

Install the NCSDK before doing an apt-get upgrade.