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Video access issue in China 教材视频观看问题


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Video Hosting Sites Not Blocked in China

  • Dacast: ICP License 19031887.
  • IBM Cloud Video.
  • Panopto.
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Dear Miguel,

Thank you for your advice.

We are now hosting our Chinese video content via a platform called Bilibili and each package will include related video tutorials.

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Posted by: @yongkepeng

@jackieqin, Thanks for your reply. 

One more question, the teaching materials for mobile grahpics is very great, as a beginer, we can follow instruction step by step, but in case we encounter some issues(e.g. the lab project can not be ran successfully even we installed the PowerVR SDK and Lab Code), should we post questions here or somewhere else to seek help?




Same question please reply on this

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You can post questions about the Intro to Mobile Graphics course on the specific Forum Thread, and we will answer them here.

For development tool support, there is also a very active PowerVR SDK Forum (for all users including commercial developers), here:

Thanks for your nice comments about our course materials.