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[Sticky] Welcome to the Imagination University Programme - the "IUP"


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Thanks for visiting our new Forum. It’s a pleasure to be back online with the “IUP” – The Imagination University Programme.

- Please use this Forum as your primary route to interact with the IUP Team.

- This is the right place for discussions about courses, curricula, and student projects.

- For technical support use the Developer Forums for our tools and technologies: PowerVR, the SDKs (Graphics & Neural Networks), and Vulkan

2020 will be an exciting year as Imagination grows its engagements with academia globally.
- Please keep in touch. It’s always great to hear about your activities and needs
- We are always keen to hear from authors of textbook and teaching materials
News: in December 2019, we will Press Release details of our new course “Introduction to Mobile Graphics, 2020 and Edition”
- in the meantime the first edition is available again from this site here: Training and Teaching Resources - Imagination University Programme (

About to Graduate?
Your future career could start from here! Careers at Imagination - Imagination (

Many thanks,
Robert Owen
Director: Worldwide University Programme



感谢您访问我们的新论坛。 很高兴“IUP”(IMG大学计划)可以重新上线。
- 请使用此论坛作为与 IUP 团队互动的主要途径。
- 这是讨论课程、课程和学生项目的理想场所。
- 如需技术支持,请使用我们的工具和技术的开发者论坛:PowerVR、SDK(图形和神经网络)和 Vulkan
随着 Imagination 与全球学术界的合作不断加深,2020 年将是激动人心的一年。
- 保持联系。 很高兴听到您的活动和需求
- 我们始终渴望听到教科书和教材作者的意见
新闻:2019 年 12 月,我们将发布新课程“移动图形简介,2020 年版”的详细信息
- 与此同时,第一版可再次从本网站获取:培训和教学资源 - Imagination 大学计划 (
你未来的职业生涯可以从这里开始! Imagination 的职业机会 - Imagination (
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