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NC-SDK Installation & BeagleBoard(tm) AI-64 Firmware Update Questions from Alex O.


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Questions from Alex O, April'2023:
(1) Thank you.  I am attempting to install the tools now.  Two issues present themselves
First, I followed your link under “Additional Resources” and tried to download the Teaching Materials, but I got the same form? 
Do I need to fill out a separate authorization?
Answer>>>Yes. For EdgeAI you request NC-SDK-AC and Teaching Materials separately

(2) There seems to be some problem with the kernel drivers in my Beagleboard.   All deployed utilities give this uiNumValidDevices > 0 error. 
Answer>>>That’s not Imagination. Please go to the support area on BeagleBoard.ORG
I cannot figure out how to update my PowerVR drivers on my BeagleBoard AI64
Answer>>>There’s advice on Beagle firmware updates on their site.
Go to:  https:// beagleboard. org/ update-ai64 [link now broken]

Program output below of where I am at.  
debian@BeagleBone:~/examples/ncsdk$ ./nnvm_testbench/bin/nnvm_testbench


Copyright (c) Imagination Technologies Ltd. All Rights Reserved


(1789) PVR:(Fatal): Debug assertion failed! (uiNumValidDevices > 0) [ device.c:521 ]


debian@BeagleBone:~/examples/ncsdk$ pvrsrvctl --start

Failed to load /lib/modules/5.10.140-00001-g69e7a81501b2/extra/pvrsrvkm.ko: No such file or directory

!!! Note that this is NOT my current kernel, thus I assume I need to recompile this kernel module – but I cannot find it!

Linux BeagleBone 5.10.162-ti-arm64-r99 #1bullseye SMP Fri Apr 7 01:02:04 UTC 2023 aarch64 GNU/Linux

debian@BeagleBone:~/examples/ncsdk$ cat /etc/dogtag Debian Bullseye Xfce Image 2022-01-14


debian@BeagleBone:~/examples/ncsdk$ dmesg | grep -i pvr

[   10.297865] pvrsrvkm: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel.

[   10.459528] pvrsrvkm 4e20000000.gpu: More than one power domain for this GPU, gpu driver manages power domains

[   10.818611] PVR_K:  434: Read BVNC from HW device registers

[   10.825507] PVR_K:  434: RGX Device registered with BVNC

[   11.056870] [drm] Initialized pvr 1.15.6133109 20170530 for 4e20000000.gpu on minor 1

[   12.168168] pvrsrvkm 4e20000000.gpu: Direct firmware load for rgx.fw. failed with error -2

[   12.177698] PVR_K:(Error):   762: OSLoadFirmware: request_firmware('rgx.fw.') failed (-2) (ERROR_NOT_FOUND) [191]

[   12.189374] pvrsrvkm 4e20000000.gpu: Direct firmware load for rgx.fw.22.104p.208.318 failed with error -2

[   12.198985] PVR_K:(Error):   762: OSLoadFirmware: request_firmware('rgx.fw.22.104p.208.318') failed (-2) (ERROR_NOT_FOUND) [191]

[   12.210618] pvrsrvkm 4e20000000.gpu: Direct firmware load for rgx.fw failed with error -2

[   12.218934] PVR_K:(Error):   762: OSLoadFirmware: request_firmware('rgx.fw') failed (-2) (ERROR_NOT_FOUND) [191]

[   12.229136] PVR_K:(Fatal):   762: All RGX Firmware image loads failed for 'rgx.fw.' (PVRSRV_ERROR_NOT_FOUND) [1646]

[   12.240812] PVR_K:(Error):   762: RGXInit: InitFirmware failed (275) [1334]

[   12.247790] PVR_K:(Error):   762: RGXInit() failed (PVRSRV_ERROR_NOT_FOUND) in PVRSRVCommonDeviceInitialise() [2211]

[   12.258312] PVR_K:(Error):   762: PVRSRVDeviceFinalise() failed (PVRSRV_ERROR_NOT_INITIALISED) in PVRSRVCommonDeviceInitialise() [2225]

[   12.270487] PVR_K:(Error):   762: PVRSRVDeviceOpen: Failed to initialise device (PVRSRV_ERROR_NOT_INITIALISED) [476]

[   12.435052] PVR_K:(Error):   762: PVRSRVDeviceOpen: Driver already in bad state. Device open failed. [464]

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