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Any plan for Linux support for SweRvolfSoC?


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Hi there,


Can anyone tell me if there is any plan to have a Linux port for this SweRVolfSoC?

Would it be possible/easy to add an MMU to the SoC?


Thank you!






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@caconeta1234 Hi Juan,

There are no plans to add Linux support to SweRVolf. As you have noted it would require an MMU and there's a fair amount of other things that needs to be done as well. Fortunately there are a lot of other open source Linux-capable RISC-V SoCs available. Litex is the first that comes to mind. It supports a number of different CPUs and several of them (e.g. Vexriscv, Blackparrot, mor1kx, rocket) can run Linux. Most of those CPUs also come with their separate infrastructure for creating SoCs.

Hope this helps,