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RVfpga lab practice without using any FPGA board.


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Lab demos which were in theRVfpga GSG are not much concentrated on demos without FPGA boards. I am feeling bit difficulty in doing so. Can anyone suggest me the right path in this regard ?

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Dear Enam
The emphasis of the current RVfpga course is to back the teaching with hands-on through educational and interesting Labs. For this, the Nexys A7 FPGA board is required.
We have developed a virtual version of this board called "ViDBo" and this is the platform that will be used in the online EdX version of tis course. We are working on this now and release is expected March/April. There will also be a unique Chinese online course later in the year.
In addition, during 2023, we are exploring the use of lower-cost FPGA boards such as the Basys 3 with the smaller SweRV EL2 core.
So the short answer to your comment is yes, we will soon have an option to do most of the first 11 labs without hardware.
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