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[Sticky] RVfpga v3.0 Released! - Information about the Virtual Machine


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We have recently released RVfpga v3.0. You can request the new version from this link: . The new version adds many new things, such as support for the VeeR EL2 core, support for low-cost boards (such as Real Digital’s Boolean and Digilent’s Basys 3), new simulation tools (RVfpga-ViDBo and RVfpga-Pipeline), a Ubuntu 22.04 Virtual Machine with all the tools installed, or support for Catapult SDK, among others.

The Virtual Machine can be obtained from the following two links:

   From Google Drive:

   From Amazon AWS:

Please let us know if you have any question or comment about the new package or the download/installation/use of the Virtual Machine.

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The Teaching Materials Download request link is here:

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