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60+ Topics For Expository Essays To Get Better Grades | 2021 Guide


Who doesn’t want to score good grades and wants to be in their professors’ good books? Obviously, everyone wishes to attain better grades so that they can attain the spotlight. Unfortunately, many students fail to make an impression since they don’t have exceptional writing and research skills that they can demonstrate in their essays.


If you are worried that you will never be able to attain good grades, then don’t worry let an essay writer tell you something imperative. Writing is an art and with practice, you can also nail this art. However, one more thing that is standing as an obstacle between you and your desire to attain good grades in your topic choice. Yes, you heard me right. Your essay topic can make it or break it for you.



Typically, when students are assigned a task to write an essay and especially an expository essay then they tend to select a topic that is too difficult to comprehend just to impress their professor. However, as soon as they start looking for sources to kick start the writing process they get stuck since they aren’t able to manage the technical aspects of the topics and therefore, end up writing a vague write my paper.


Will you let your grades slip away just because you aren’t able to pick the right topic? Of course not. So if you want help then here I have shortlisted a few expository essay topics for you that are both interesting and easy to comprehend.


So what are we waiting for? let’s get started.

  1. Is democracy better than a dictatorship?                                                                        
  2. How can one stay fit and healthy while living at and eating a vegan diet?
  3. To vote or not? What are the effects?
  4. Possible effects of not casting a vote.
  5. Why should there be a school uniform?
  6. Can drug addiction lead to violent crimes?
  7. What are the effects of marijuana on mental wellbeing?
  8. What are the outcomes of drug addiction?
  9. Does tolerance work all the time?
  10. Should assisted suicide be legalized?
  11. Can racism be eliminated from society?
  12. Can stereotyping be eliminated from society?
  13. How to stop inequality in the workplace?
  14. How to deal with ADHD
  15. How should one know and understand business ethics?
  16. How ethics shapes one’s personality?
  17. Why do people love to live long?
  18. Analyze the effects of global warming on the future.
  19. How is children's education affected by parents' divorce?
  20. Will you get rid of the death penalty?
  21. Discuss the invention of the mass media?
  22. Discuss the invention of the internet.
  23. What are the effects of being addicted to social media networks?
  24. Are inventions of Elon Musk detrimental to humanity?
  25. How does mechanical technology become obsolete?
  26. Is there a possibility of time travel?
  27. What is the notion behind telepathy?
  28. How does the usage of technology change consumer behavior?
  29. How are planets and stars named?
  30. What is the role of the government in creating employment opportunities?
  31. Was Hitler a maniac or visionary?
  32. What is the association between AIDS and poverty?
  33. What is the difference between iPhone quality and Android?
  34. Describe the philosophy of life?
  35. Symbolism in the play Hamlet
  36. A major theme in the play, a streetcar named desire.
  37. Literary devices in the play Romeo Juliet
  38. Role of fate in Beowulf
  39. Importance of adult literacy
  40. What is the link between depression and social media?
  41. What is the link between social media and alcohol consumption among people?
  42. How is mass media shaping our views?
  43. How ready is the world to face the pandemic?
  44. Are women treated fairly today?
  45. Is religion fostering extremism?
  46. Is religion the real cause of war?
  47. How do you define faith?
  48. How do you define terrorism?
  49. The credibility of a movie
  50. Impact of the French revolution
  51. Impact of World war I
  52. Impact of the cold war on Russia and America
  53. Impact of the trade war on China and America
  54. Who is the bigger economy of the world?
  55. Social media and children’s education
  56. Technology: a distraction or a bonus
  57. Usage of cellphones in class: pros and cons
  58. Should athletes be given scholarships?
  59. The causes of the French Revolution
  60. Online classes Vs traditional classes: the better one?
  61. Public vs. private school: the better one?


If you are still struggling to pick a topic and the deadline to submit your essay is near, then I recommend you to try an online paper writing service and say goodbyes to all your worries. They have professional writers who can craft an essay for you in no time. So, what are you waiting for? give it a shot.


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