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Problem with printfExample in lab 1


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I tried the printfExample of displaying messages on the serial monitor via UART in lab 1. But, I could not get the same printout as shown in Figure 23 of lab 1 sheet. The screenshot of my serial monitor terminal is copied below.

Btw, I am using the DDR board. I wonder if I must use Nexys A7 FPGA board for this example as the first line of the code includes

#if defined(D_NEXYS_A7)


Or I could modify the code in some way to make it work for the DDR board? Many thanks,

PrintfExample.c Untitled Workspace Visual Studio Code

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Hi nannan,

I don't think the problem is related with the use of the Nexys 4 DDR board, as it is essentially equal to the Nexys A7 board. All programs in RVfpga should work in the two boards with no changes.

What OS are you using? If you are using Linux remember that you must prepare the system by adding your user to the dialout, tty and uucp groups, as explained in Section 6.F of the Getting Started Guide. This is not necessary in Windows or macOS.

Also, remember that you should click on the serial monitor button only once the program has started to run and not before.

Did you test the HelloWorld program in the GSG? If so, did that one work? If you haven't, can you test it?

I suggest that you try again these two programs (HelloWorld from GSG and PrintfExample from Lab 1) following the exact steps carefully.

Once done, let us know if you can make them work, and otherwise we'll try to help you further. We might need more details.

Best regards