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Buying a Nexys A7


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This is a conversation that I've recently had with one of the attendees to the RVfpga WS that we held at Alicante last September. Find below our conversation, translated using DeepL from Spanish to English.





Hi Daniel,
I'm one of the attendees of the RISCV course of Imagination Technologies that was given at the last Sarteco conference. I have a student who is interested in these topics and I would like to try a project with him, for which I would like to get an FPGA like the ones from the course, which if I'm not mistaken was a Nexis A7 (*). I've been looking for it and I've seen that it is out of stock in many places, and where I have found it it costs about 400 €.
Do you know if there is any way to get it cheaper, taking into account that it is for teaching?
Best regards and thank you very much for your attention,
(*) Which I understand to be the same as the Nexis A7 T.

我是上届 Sarteco 会议上 Imagination Technologies RISCV 课程的参加者之一。 我有一个学生对这些主题感兴趣,我想和他一起尝试一个项目,为此我想获得一个像课程中的那样的 FPGA,如果我没记错的话,它是 Nexis A7 (* )。 我一直在找它,发现很多地方都缺货了,在我找到的地方售价约为 400 欧元。
(*) 我认为与 Nexis A7 T 相同。


Hi Ricardo:
Yes, in the course we use a Nexys A7, which is electronically the same as the previous version called Nexys 4 DDR. Both have a Xilinx Artix7 FPGA. You need the Nexys A7-110T which has the larger FPGA. 
It's been a while since I've looked up board prices. I know there was an academic price which used to be closer to $200, but I am not close to this topic, so I asked Robert Owen for advice. He maintains the relationships with our project partners.

I can add that next year we will have a version of RVfpga that runs on the lower-cost Digilent Basys 3 board. We are working on this at the moment.

是的,在课程中我们使用 Nexys A7,它在电子方面与之前称为 Nexys 4 DDR 的版本相同。 两者都有 Xilinx Artix7 FPGA。 您需要具有更大 FPGA 的 Nexys A7-110T。
好久没查主板价格了。 我知道学术价格曾经接近 200 美元,但我不太了解这个话题,所以我向 Robert Owen 寻求建议。 他与我们的项目合作伙伴保持着关系。
我可以补充一点,明年我们将推出一个在成本较低的 Digilent Basys 3 板上运行的 RVfpga 版本。 我们目前正在努力解决这个问题。


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Dear Ricardo

The board is the Nexys A7-100T and the Digilent part number is: SKU 410-292
(1) Supply
There have been global shortages of semiconductors and this has affected many things, including development boards.
We know from discussions last week (14th Oct'22) that new supplies are coming through to distributors by mid-December.
As of October 22nd, Digi-Key, Mouser and element14 are all showing stock.,-inc./410-292/5117190  

(2) Academic Pricing:
Digilent offer a special Academic Price to eligible institutions of $262. A discount of 25% on the regular $349 price.
Follow their Academic verification here:

410-292 Nexys A7-100T (previously known as Nexys 4 DDR) $349.00 25% $261.75

(3) Donations
The Xilinx University Program ("XUP") support universities all around the world with boards.
You can ask them for support here:  
Remember - they will be looking for ongoing use of donated equipment in labs and student & research projects, not just one-offs.


该板是 Nexys A7-100T,Digilent 部件号是:SKU 410-292
我们从上周(22 年 10 月 14 日)的讨论中得知,新的供货将于 12 月中旬到达经销商手中。
截至 10 月 22 日,Digi-Key、Mouser 和 element14 均已显示库存。
(2) 学术定价:
Digilent 向符合条件的机构提供 262 美元的学术特价。 比原价 349 美元有 25% 的折扣。
410-292 Nexys A7-100T(以前称为 Nexys 4 DDR)349.00 美元 25% 261.75 美元
Xilinx 大学计划 (“XUP”) 通过董事会为世界各地的大学提供支持。
请记住 - 他们将寻求在实验室以及学生和研究项目中持续使用捐赠的设备,而不仅仅是一次性的。

Hope this helps!
Robert Owen

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