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Installation problems with RVfpga 2.0


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I attempted to install RVfpga, and ran into a problem with PlatformIO. The ini files were hardcoded with the disk structure from the original developer. (easily corrected), however I keep getting a configuration error from PlatformIO with the old configuration. I need to reset it somehow to my system, but it seems to be embedded somewhere not visible.

After changing the references to dchaver in the platformIO.ini files, I still get the following error message:

[1/17/2022, 3:40:36 PM] Unable to resolve configuration with compilerPath "/home/dchaver/.platformio/packages/toolchain-riscv/bin/riscv64-unknown-elf-gcc". Using "/usr/bin/gcc" instead.


Where do I define the compiler path. It is not  in the documentation.


Nick Beser

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Hi Nick,

It looks like a VSCode IntelliSense warning informing you that not all packages were installed. You should see an indicator on the bottom status bar notifying you about "C/C++ Index Rebuilding...". Please wait while toolchains will be installed and ready for code navigation/completion.

If you still see this issue after building a project, try restarting VSCode.

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