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RVfpga: developments for 2021


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A question from Qasim Khan at Sir Syed Centre For Advanced Studies In Engineering Information Technology, SSCASE-IT, Islamabad, Pakistan
Are labs 11-20 also available? And are there any online lectures / tutorials regarding the course?

We are very busy working on building the RVfpga learning ecosystem:
*Are Labs 11 to 20 available?
- No, not yet. Release is due “Fall 2021” – probably October.
- There is a possibility that we may release Lab 11 as part of an update in April/May
- The next release is RVfpga SoC - Introduction to System-on-Chip Design. This is going to beta-test in April and will be released in May.
- A MOOC (online course) is in preparation on EdX. A Chinese version will also be created.
Likely release is June/July
- An online Workshop is being worked on (this needs “Virtual IO” to be created, so it is a significant task), and a physical One-Day Workshop for teachers is planned for Q3’21.
*A paper about RVfpga is being submitted to FPL 2021 (Aug’21 Dresden, Germany: 30th August-3rd September)
*Languages: English, Turkish now
April: Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Japanese
May: Spanish
Q2'21: Korean

So overall, you can see that we are very busy!